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GirlsSuitsDr. Martens

Britain's ability to be irreverent and escape the impositions of the times brings us to present a selection of brands such as Pop, Shikha, Run & Fly, and Merc inspired by the swinging sixties that marked a before and after in women's fashion.

Women announced their growing independence and the miniskirt was their main symbol. In contrast to the seriousness of the prevailing fashion, designer Mary Quant imposed a style that was informal, simple and colorful, including dresses, colored tights, shorts and flare pants, and celebrities such as Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot and Nancy Sinatra made it fashionable.

Classic styles never disappear, you can relive them.

In the early 60s, young people in London took notice of the Italian-style suits they were in the cinema. With an impeccable vision, the Carnaby Street tailors modeled the style.

As a result the distinctive Mod suit was born: a slim fit three button short jacket with narrow lapels and three pockets, one of them being the "ticket pocket" used to store the tickets to the shows. This jacket is complemented by a pair of straight leg trousers.

While keeping the original pattern we have adapted the traditional tailoring processes to modern times. We offer a selection of tailor made UK-LOOK and Adam of London suits, sown by expert tailors.

In 1945, in a town near Munich, Dr. Klaus Maertens created a style of boots with a rubber sole and an air chamber, the genuine and revolutionary "air cushion sole", to provide comfort to a friend of his who had had an accident while skiing.

In 1960, Dr. Maertens and his friend decided to manufacture the boots in the town of Wollaston, in the county of Northamptonshire, England, with the commercial name of Dr. Martens.

The first model that was launched was the "1460".

Dr. Martens boots have been an icon and a symbol of identity in the diverse cultural movements that have arisen in England in the last 30 years; from the skinheads and mods to the punk rock and grunge of the 90's.

GirlsSuitsDr. Martens
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