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RetroModBritish Classic StreetwearSuits

With the name RetroMod we aim to group different brands with a clear and definite trend: capturing the style and class of the glorious sixties in London and transfer it to the present.

The brands in charge of this have exclusive productions and are only known only by a minority audience. Their lines inlcude garments such as Italian style knitted polos, paisley and dotted patterned shirts, parkas such as the ones Jimmy wore in Quadrophenia and stylish coats that resemble those that young people used to wear in the long London winters.

No doubt, it’s the most affordable way to keep alive that Carnaby Street spirit, with the collections these brands offer us season after season.

Rodney Harrington was a character in a British television series in the sixties. His name is remembered today because it gave its name to one of the most characteristic English fashion garments. The Harrington jacket has survived the test of time as a garment that combines both elegance and comfort.

This is the intention of British Classic Streetwear: to be able to retain the classic English elegance in everyday clothes.

As an example of this versatility we have military-style jackets, the pea coat, the donkey jacket used by the working class, etc. We also incorporate several models of parkas: the authentic fish-tail of the Mods, to keep the suit clean while driving a scooter.

In the early 60s, young people in London took notice of the Italian-style suits they were in the cinema. With an impeccable vision, the Carnaby Street tailors modeled the style.

As a result the distinctive Mod suit was born: a slim fit three button short jacket with narrow lapels and three pockets, one of them being the "ticket pocket" used to store the tickets to the shows. This jacket is complemented by a pair of straight leg trousers.

While keeping the original pattern we have adapted the traditional tailoring processes to modern times. We offer a selection of tailor made UK-LOOK and Adam of London suits, sown by expert tailors.

RetroModBritish Classic StreetwearSuits
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